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Post Wax

  • Redness is common, so don’t worry about it! You can expect the area to be red and feeling tender anywhere from right after your session for up to 48 hours post-session.
  • After 48 hours you must exfoliate the waxed area, we recommend a natural or fragrance-free product.
  • Plan a lose-fitting wardrobe for the first day or two after your appointment to increase comfortability.
  • Restrain from rubbing, touching or playing with your freshly waxed skin. It is tempting to want to feel how smooth your freshly waxed skin is, but bacteria is commonly found on your fingertips. You can dramatically increase the risk for infection and breakouts by touching your freshly waxed skin.
  • We know we made you avoid tanning beds and products before your session, but the same goes for after your wax! Wait at least 24-48 hours before exposing the waxed area to tanning beds, tanning products or sunlight. You will thank us later and avoid having your precious skin easily burned.
  • It may be tough for our hot yogis, gym-goers and active clients; but avoid breaking a sweat and working out for at least a day after your appointment. There is a serious chance of causing clogged pores, skin irritation and white heads from the bacteria found in your sweat. If you accidently find yourself in a sweaty scenario, shower ASAP and pat the area dry.
  • Pools, hot tubs and baths need to be put off until the skin recuperates. Even chlorine and natural saltwater pools can cause irritation and infections.
  • A few bumps and pimples are expected for first-time clients. As you continue getting that area of skin waxed, the hair follicles will get used to the process and will be less sensitive – and more importantly, your hair will grow back thinner!
  • Experiencing a lot of white pimples? Use a natural exfoliant gently every day until you notice the area clearing up.
  • Enjoy your new smooth, silky and flawless skin! Remember, the more times you choose our waxing services over shaving, the thinner your hair will grow back, and the less upkeep you will need!

The first 24 hours after your appointment are the most important. By reading and adhering to the advice listed above, we ensure a flawless end result. Trust us, it’s better to be safe and smooth than infected and sorry.

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