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Hair removal and waxing can be intimidating for first timers, but the dedicated team at The Wax & Sugar Lounge promises you are in the right hands. We are leaders in Toronto hair removal services and are committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible. We take care of you before and after your treatment.

We know that every client is different and wants different results. That’s why our hair and skin experts take the time to consult with each client that walks through our door. By getting to know you better, we are able to determine the most optimal treatment for you. Hair-removal goals, skin type, hair thickness, budget and lifestyle are all elements we take into consideration. Once we find the right hair removal solution, it’s time to get excited for your treatment and your soon-to-be silky skin! Prior to your appointment, take the time to read through our PRE and POST waxing tips to achieve and maintain perfect results.

Pre Wax

How to prepare

Your hair needs to be long enough for waxing to be effective. We won’t service clients without hair ¼ inch long – we don’t want to waste your time or money!

Post Wax

How to prepare

Redness is common, so don’t worry about it! You can expect the area to be red and feeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Take an Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment or inquire about our numbing products.

Redness is common from right after your wax up until 24 hours post appointment. For newcomers or those with thicker hair it is normal to experience more redness or irritation than usual. Once your follicles and skin get more used to the process, the amount of redness will diminish. If you are concerned, ask one of our experts for a product to reduce post-wax irritation.

We will only offer our Brazilian services for female clients who are above the age of 14 and have begun their menstrual cycle. On top of this requirement, a parent or guardian must be in attendance with the client and have a copy of the clients ID.

This highly depends on the client. Some women have consistently been getting waxes done throughout the entire duration of their pregnancy and are used to the process. However, we do not recommend our hair removal services for women who are far along and new to hair removal. Hormone fluctuation results in faster and thicker hair growth, more sensitivity and discomfort. This is especially relevant for any bikini or Brazilian waxes. If you plan to get sugaring or waxing done during pregnancy our experts recommend getting it done in the first or second trimester and repeating per preference from there. We suggest investing in sugaring or NuFree® services during this time as they are much gentler and contain natural and hypoallergenic formulas.

The average re-growth cycle is around 3-4 weeks. We recommend booking a wax every 4 weeks to maintain optimal results.

There are generally two potential side effects.
Light bleeding may occur and usually only to first-time clients. This is because it is the hair follicles first time being removed from the root and there may be some resistance for it to come out. This is rare and doesn’t usually happen.
Secondly, infection is a potential risk. As waxing ultimately creates numerous tiny openings in the skin for a short amount of time, there is a risk of bacteria or dirt entering and causing an infection. This is only if clients do not follow proper post-wax care or hygiene. By taking care of the freshly waxed area and utilizing post-wax product, there is a small chance of getting any sort of infection. Talk to us before or during your appointment if you are prone to infections and we can definitely give you the best advice.

Please allow a minimum of 12 hours for pores to begin closing prior to engaging with any intimacy or hot tubs.

No. The hair will actually grow back lighter and softer every time you wax. It usually takes at least 3 procedures to really notice a change in how fast your hair grows back. But you can notice your hair coming in softer after the first wax.

We suggest that you wait at least 24 hours before you lay out in the sun or in a tanning bed. As for a spray tan, we suggest you wait a few hours for your skin to re-acclimate after the wax.

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