Sugaring - Wax and Sugar



Sugar of the Nile

  • This sugaring paste is 100% natural, paraben free, not tested on animals and made locally here in Canada.
  • This gentle yet powerful sugaring paste will quickly and gently remove any hard-to-reach hair and leave even the most sensitive skin-types feeling at ease.
  • Sugar of the Nile also contains natural lemon and leaves your skin rejuvenated and freshly exfoliated.

Benefits of Sugaring

Best suited for sensitive skin, those prone to rashes, irritation, prolonged redness and clients sensitive to heat.

Sugaring is a gentler method as it reduces pulling on the skin; resulting in less irritation.

Ideal for clients with eczema or psoriasis.

Produces smooth, supple and hair-free results with generally less pain and discomfort.

Upper Body Service’s

Under Arms

22$ – 10mins

Removes all hair in armpits.

Half Chest

30$ – 20mins

Area above nipples to the neck.

Full Chest

50$ – 30mins

Removes hair from bottom of Chest to pant line


30$ – 30mins

Full stomach.

Half Back

25$ – 30mins

From the lower back to your mid back.

Full Back

50$ – 40mins

From the lower back to the neck.

Face Service’s


12$ – 10mins

From the eyebrows to the hairline.


15$ – 10mins

From below right ear across to the left.


Any hair that is longer than 1.5 inches (length of your eyelashes) is required to be trimmed resulting in a trimming fee of $10.

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