Nu Free Epilation - Wax and Sugar



  • An innovative and all-natural antimicrobial non-wax alternative.
  • An all-natural soya bean formulation, containing no animal products.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Scientifically tested.
  • Dramatically less painful than waxing — as it does not stick to the skin.
  • Extra gentle and is generally safer than waxing.

Benefits of NuFree®

Non-wax formula.

Removes small, thin hair more effectively and is much less painful than traditional wax, but shares the same technique.

75% less painful than ordinary waxing.

Perfect for those who are pregnant, have allergies or skin sensitivities.

Lower Body Service’s


50$ – 20mins

Removes all hair from front to back inside the bikini line.

Bikini Line

30$ – 20mins

Removes all hair outside the panty line between your inner thighs.

Sexy Bikini

35$ – 20mins

Removes all hair an inch or 2 inside your normal underwear line.

Upper Body Service’s

Under Arms

20$ – 10mins

Removes all hair in armpits.

Face Service’s

Full Face

40$ – 30mins

Full Face (Eye Brows Not Included)


15$ – 5mins

Area below lips.

Upper Lip

15$ – 5min

Area above top lip.


15$ – 10mins

Removes hair on both sides of face.


15$ – 10mins

Side of face close to hairline.


15$ – 10mins

From the eyebrows to the hairline.


20$ – 10mins

From below right ear across to the left.


Any hair that is longer than 1.5 inches (length of your eyelashes) is required to be trimmed resulting in a trimming fee of $10.

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