For Children - Wax and Sugar

Waxing Services for Children

  • 8 years or younger: No services permitted.
  • 9 years – 15 years: Services permitted in the presence of their legal guardian to sign the customer’s release form on their behalf.
  • 16 years and older: Services permitted with the customer’s release form signature
  • The Wax & Sugar Lounge only offers Brazilian services for female clients who are above the age of 14 and have begun their menstrual cycle. On top of this requirement, a parent or guardian must be in attendance with the client and have a copy of the clients ID.

Soft Wax

Satin Smooth Ultra-Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax

  • Ideal for clients with acne prone or fair skin types.
  • We typically use this product on any skin type that requires a gentler treatment.
  • Utilizing this wax product will ensure protection from rashes or irritation and a flawless end result.
  • Formulated specifically for acne/blemish prone skin.

Honey Gold Azulene Soft Wax

  • Provides anti-inflammatory protection containing chamomile flower and lemon grass extract.
  • A go-to product for seasoned clients who receive regular waxes and is generally used for those with ‘normal’ skin types that are not easily sensitized to pain or irritation.

Hard Wax

Cerepil Hard Wax

  • Hard wax is the most appropriate waxing option for more sensitive areas. We use our Cerepil Hard Wax for underarm, Brazilian and facial waxing treatments. Hard wax better adheres to the hair rather than the skin, creating an ouch-free waxing session.
  • This product is one of the most natural on the market and removes hair directly from the root.
  • Cerepil Hard Wax also contains natural lemon and leaves your skin rejuvenated and freshly exfoliated.

Benefits of Waxing

Perfect for clients wanting larger areas of hair to be quickly removed – waxing generally provides a faster hair removal process compared to sugaring.

A simpler technique of hair removal.

Great for clients with thicker and longer hair.

Removes hair directly from the root.

Results in 3-4 weeks of hair-free skin.

Most affordable.

An array of wax-products to choose from depending on skin types and sensitivities.

Benefits of Hard Waxing

Named ‘Hard Wax’ as it hardens to become its very own “strip”.

It’s an all-natural wax option perfect for clients with more sensitive skin but still prefer waxing. Consisting of an all-natural form of resin, it is gentler on the body and is very effective in removing coarse hair.

Waxing Body Service’s for Children


40$ – 20mins

Removes all hair from front to back inside the bikini line.

Hard Wax or Soft Wax

Under arms

10$ – 10mins

Removes all hair in armpits.

Hard Wax or Soft Wax

Half Arm

15$ – 15mins

Removes hair from wrist to elbow.

Soft Wax

Full Arm

25$ – 20mins

Removes hair from the wrist to the shoulder.

Soft Wax

Half Leg

15$ – 20mins

From the toes to the knee.

Soft Wax

Full Legs

30$ – 40mins

From the toes to the upper thigh.

Soft Wax


Any hair that is longer than 1.5 inches (length of your eyelashes) is required to be trimmed resulting in a trimming fee of $10.

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